The disclosure of an attorney’s investigative work—known in the profession as “work product”—is a nontrivial and not altogether risk-free event in the life of a litigator. There are many reasons not to do it, especially early in a lawsuit.

Nevertheless, I’ve concluded that the reasons to publish at least some of the evidence here outweigh all other imperatives: my paramount concern being the obligation to help stop an ongoing fraud. The revelation late last month that WinFixer had morphed yet again has added urgency to my growing feeling that–if the WinFixer conspiracy is to end–the public needs to know the chief instrumentality behind it, and it needs to know sooner rather than later.

More tomorrow.

2 Responses to ByteHosting

  1. J Davis says:

    Does anyone have an address or phone number for bytehosting. We could all have a “let’s call james reno day” and tie up their phones for a day. These guys deserve everything bad that will happen to them. They need to be tried, convicted, and they and their families should be impoverished for the rest of their moronic lives. These guys are criminals and terrorists!!!

  2. j davis says:

    Bingo!!! I found the phone number and email address for bytehosting. phone# 1-866-894-6192×2. Why not call up James Reno’s company and tell them what you think of Reno and winantivirus or winfixer. Or you could email them, better yet send them LOTS of emails. Another company involved is billingnow. email Every day should be “Lets call James Reno day”!!

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