A Winfixer Primer

Update August 6, 2008:

Welcome Fixwinfixer guests: Great to have you! Over the last day or so, there’s been a definite uptick in visits to this site, let’s hope it continues. Working together, we’ll get a handle on Winfixer malware and wrestle it to the ground.

Please link here, visit frequently, and of course sign my petition. More later….


If you don’t already know about Winfixer, it’s one of the most successful software scams ever. For years now law enforcement authorities have stood by and let Winfixer flourish: as a result, today there are dozens of essentially identical Winfixer programs with many different names and in many languages. They’re all produced by the same syndicate, and they all share the same illegal methods and goals: to lie to you, to take your money and to trash your computer in the bargain.

(Winfixer is also not very careful with your personal information. More about this later.)

Here’s a five minute video about my work against winfixer, produced by KTVU in Oakland, CA, and first shown February 26, 2007 :

Also from 2007, a winfixer story from International Data Group, publishers of PCWorld, InfoWorld, MacWorld etc.

And the most recent article, from the front page of the San Jose Mercury News business section, March 23, 2008.

Almost forgot: if you hate malicious software, show your support and sign my petition. Thanks!

I’ll update this page with additional links as time permits.


7 Responses to A Winfixer Primer

  1. Lloyd Bailey says:

    Thanks for alerting me about this malware, for some time now my PC has been slowed and acting strange. My CD Roms will no longer read in data, and many of my Fix It and anti-virus programs have mysteriously disappeared from my from my computer programs list. I have been at a lost as to how to correct these computer problems?? Repair shops only wipe my Hard Drive clean and charge for the Fix. Not always desirable. I do not know you, but am fully supportive of any efforts you provide to put these gang of scammers out of business, and possible in prison where they belong. Lloyd Bailey. New Port Richey, Florida.

  2. Lydia says:

    Now this is a good cause! I hope that we all see the results of your efforts.

    Would you please email me so we can discuss privately your latest research project and why you are dragging me into it on a personal level?

    Thanks and keep up the good work on this cause. Viruses and so forth suck!

  3. Ray Antony says:

    Your video says its corrupted (what ever that means?)

  4. Cederash says:

    Неплохо… Огромное спасибо за инфу. Автору респект и уважуха.

  5. Ferinannnd says:

    Хорошая работа!

  6. Avertedd says:

    Действительно полезный пост, спасибо.

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